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Dormer Windows Conversions in Southern Cross

Durable Dormer Windows in Southern-Cross

Dormer windows are a stylish and affordable way to open up space and add more light and ventilation. With more than a decade of experience and a team of highly skilled roofing experts, Clifton Hill & Mont Pelier Southern-Cross offers a comprehensive and expert dormer window installation.

Based in Southern-Cross, we work extensively across Heene and Broadwater including Goring, Durrington and Salvington. A significant number of our projects are aimed at helping homeowners upgrade their homes or add more space. This is convenient because it saves them from having to move to a bigger home and also creates more value in their existing homes. Our team at Clifton Hill & Mont Pelier Southern-Cross are very experienced when it comes to fitting dormer windows to a new or old buildings. Contact us now to talk with someone on our professional team about your dormer window requirements for your home. We also offer a free property survey at your convenience and a no obligation quote.

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Specialised Dormer Window Services for Southern-Cross Homes

Clifton Hill & Mont Pelier Southern-Cross is a highly professional and reliable roofing company located in Southern-Cross. We’ve served our local customers for a long time, providing highly rated dormer windows and products that are in line with the required British standards. Our professional service and competitive pricing are unrivalled as we are a company that prioritises customer satisfaction. Our dormer window service is available to private homeowners in Southern-Cross undertaking home improvements to existing properties as well as builders working on new buildings. If your offices, spare rooms, garage roof conversions or workshops need new dormer windows, we can help. We also provide our services to schools, commercial businesses and other organisations in Southern-Cross and nearby areas to enhance their space.

Efficient Dormer Window Renovation and Repair in Southern-Cross

Generally, dormer windows have to face the extremes of UK weather which can result in decaying and leaking after some time. Dormer windows are highly durable, similar to other products, but they still need to be renovated and repaired occasionally. While it can be a basic task, it’s still important to hire professionals with the right skills for the job. Clifton Hill & Mont Pelier Southern-Cross has the right experience in dormer window renovation and can give you high-quality results. As the roof is not being altered, planning permission will not be required, and we can guarantee speedy completion of your work.

We have enough experience working with dormer windows that we can repair and renovate your current dormer windows without detailed building plans. We can assure you of professional workmanship and a great looking home with more efficient weather-proofing.

Highly Affordable Dormer Windows for Your Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are quite popular, particularly for homeowners looking to reclaim the space under a pitched roof. Dormer windows are the windows of choice for these projects and Clifton Hill & Mont Pelier Southern-Cross offers excellent and affordable options to match the style of your house. Our professional dormer window installers can work with you to figure out the perfect amount and style of dormers you need to achieve more space, natural light and better views for your attics or old storage spaces. We’ll also give your home a beautiful and charming look with high-quality dormer windows that are well suited to your home.

Rated People

Our team at Clifton Hill & Mont Pelier Southern-Cross consists of highly trained and experienced roofers and window fitters. We are based in Southern-Cross and have grown a reputation for fast and professional service when it comes to dormer window installation and other roofing solutions. We provide impressive service and consistent customer satisfaction and are registered members of Rated People. We get many 5-star reviews for our services on the review site from many of our satisfied customers.


Trustatrader is a highly respected UK rating and review provider where customers can find authentic feedback from other customers about trade companies. We are proud to say that our customers here at Clifton Hill & Mont Pelier Southern-Cross continue to give us glowing reviews about their experiences. We do our best to ensure durable, high-quality products and great customer service and this shows in our countless positive reviews on Trustatrader.

Why Choose Clifton Hill & Mont Pelier Southern-Cross for Your Dormer Window Installation

Sophisticated dormer window installation

When considering a loft conversion, dormer windows can ensure positive results for the exterior of your home. These windows are the best match for sloping rooves and are designed to angle outwards for a feel of airiness in the room. At Clifton Hill & Mont Pelier Southern-Cross, we can offer sophisticated dormer window installation to upgrade your loft conversion in Southern-Cross. With ten years’ experience in the industry, you can depend on us for high-quality dormer windows.

Safety first

When it comes to safety and security, we put our customers first. As dormer windows cannot be easily accessed from the outside, home invaders may not consider them when planning a break-in. Nonetheless, there are other options available to ensure your safety. Restrictive openings are a great option for keeping children that can access your conversion safe, and also ensuring that your window cannot be fully opened. We can also provide expert advice on window alarms and specialised locks for your dormer windows for complete peace of mind.

Beautiful both inside and outside

With dormer windows, you can enjoy a well-lit loft without compromising your home’s exterior. Our services are available for Southern-Cross and nearby areas including Goring, West Tarring and Salvington, and with the superior quality of the products and workmanship we offer, you are guaranteed the best results. We assure you we will match our dormer windows to the slating and style of your roof tiles while working on our conversion. Dormer windows can provide a convenient place in the interior where you can set up a reading nook or have a spot to hang out with your loved ones.

Local expert dormer window contractors

We have highly-qualified installers here at Clifton Hill & Mont Pelier Southern-Cross who can offer a complete service including dormer window installation, renovation and repair. Clifton Hill & Mont Pelier Southern-Cross has some of the most experienced window specialists in Southern-Cross, and when you choose us, you can be sure of long-lasting results.


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