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Loft Conversions in Hove

Expertly executed loft conversions in Hove

Every large family deserves a large enough space to accommodate every last member. You can extend your house instead of making the huge financial commitment of buying a new house.

And you can successfully do it without having to get rid of your precious garden or having ample garden space to spare. By extending your house upwards, you wouldn’t have to worry about garden space. Although we are headquartered in Brighton, Clifton Hill & Montpelier Loft Conversions operate in and around Hove, delivering top-notch loft conversion projects for homeowners across the area. We can assure you that before long, we can help you increase the usable space and value of your home. Let us know exactly what you need and we’ll ensure you get nothing less with our tailored loft conversion process.

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Reasons to get a loft conversion

There’s no limit to the number of reasons why homeowners in Hove opt for loft conversion. In many cases, people want to expand their homes to ensure that every member of the family is accommodated. A loft conversion is also ideal for a nice little hideaway to enjoy a hobby or a game room if you’re looking to add to your living space. Another useful way to utilise a loft conversion is to turn it into a home office.

Loft conversions improve the value of the home, so a lot of people are doing them for this reason. You might also want to consider loft conversions because of their unique benefits over other ways of creating more space.

It doesn’t take as long as other methods to be completed and you don’t need a garden either. In addition, it’s generally cost effective and less expensive than moving into a new place. Even more, you wouldn’t have to touch your gorgeous garden and you may not need planning permission either. Whatever vision you have for your new room, you can trust our experienced team to make your dreams come true. We at Clifton Hill & Montpelier Loft Conversions have been operating in and around Hove, working with homeowners to design the spaces of their dreams.

You can be like them and get the home of your dreams.

What will your home be worth if you add a loft conversion in Hove? Loft conversions have been cited by a number of studies as one of the best ways to improve the worth of a house. One such study by the Nationwide Building Society proves that homes increase in value by 20% with a loft conversion.

That could mean a £20,000 increase in value for a property valued at £100,000. Once the wariness from the financial burden and hassle of doing a loft conversion passes, you’ll be happy you did it because you’ll have much needed extra space as well as a property with improved value.

Is a loft conversion really a good idea?

Absolutely. En suite bathroom, nursery, or anything else you have in mind, a loft conversion is a great way to achieve your dreams for a house that’ll keep you happy for a long time to come. Loft conversions don’t take too much time before the work is done. Forget the mess that accompanies the loft conversion process as it will all be worth it in the end.

Is Building Regulations approval needed for a loft conversion in Hove? Depending on the nature of the building and the loft conversion to be done, you may need Building Regulations approval before carrying out a loft conversion in Hove.

If your building is two or more storeys, then any work done must follow specific guidelines regarding any alterations to be made. The safety of the fire escape system and stairs are particular concerns and that’s why these guidelines have been put in place. Other major concerns include how stable the structure and roof are, how structurally sound the new floor is and how good the sound insulation between the loft conversion and the floors below is.

Not each and every one of the Building Regulations will apply to every job as the extent of work differs. If you would like to line the wall, board out the loft or install a stair to it, the regulations will most likely apply because of the extensive nature of the work. Not only do Clifton Hill & Montpelier Loft Conversions know the guidelines that apply to loft conversions in Hove, but we understand them deeply. Let us do our job and we’ll make sure you get all the necessary approvals to complete the loft conversion process. How much does a loft conversion cost in Hove? A loft conversion can cost anywhere from £20,000 to twice or three times that. The cost actually depends on a number of factors, including the number of dormers, how large the extension is and your location. Loft conversions in Hove won’t cost you a leg and an arm, unlike a number of other locations across the UK. Even better, we won’t rip you off by quoting exorbitant prices.

What types of loft conversions can I get in Hove?

There are indeed different kinds of loft conversions available, but the best one for you will be determined by a number of factors. The first factor to consider is how much you’re willing to spend. You must also consider how suitable your space is, for instance, whether you have enough room to achieve what you want and the type of roof you have. We’ll also have to think about getting you planning permission, if needed.

The types of loft conversions available include:

Rooflight conversion; involves creating a loft conversion without adding any more space to what you already have, but roof lights will be added to the back and front. You also have the option of having windows added to the gable walls. This type of loft conversion saves cost since it doesn’t require making too many changes. Dormer conversion; here, the aim is to expand the space available by putting dormer windows into the pitched roof plane.

We can keep the extension small by installing only one or two windows, depending on what you intend to use the room for. If needed, we can build a room that covers the whole width of the roof, so you’ll end up with full headroom and a large enough space. Hip-to-gable conversion; rooves that are slanted on all sides down to the eaves are called ‘hipped’ rooves and are ideal candidates for this kind of loft conversion. We can increase the usable space within such a roof by replacing one or more hips with a gable wall.

That’s not the end of it as we’ll extend the roof over the gables to create the needed space. Gable-to-gable conversion; here, the gable wall will be built while the roof will be rebuilt at the back, resulting in a nearly vertical position that’s as high as the ceiling. This ends up forming a wall with windows. We often use this method for terrace houses. If the goal is a large area with full headroom, then this method would work. Mansard conversion; if you opt for this kind of loft conversion, we’ll have to do major work by taking down your roof and putting an entirely new structure in place. The result is an extra storey with four nearly vertical tile-hung walls. On top of the new structure, we’ll place an almost flat roof. Are there any kinds of houses where a loft conversion wouldn’t be practical? Most buildings wouldn’t have any problems with a loft conversion.

But, loft conversion can be an issue if the shape or pitch of your roof isn’t quite right. We can have a look at your roof to help us decide whether we can complete a loft conversion, so please set up an appointment with us today. We’ll need to find out whether the new structure would have enough support from the walls you already have. With a gable end wall present, it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge to carry out a loft conversion. On the other hand, if your roof is an intersecting pitched one, a hipped one or a trussed rafter one, we may face challenges when converting the loft. Our team have experience with loft conversion for homes in Hove with many different types of rooves, so we know how to handle a complicated roof.

Why Clifton Hill & Montpelier Loft Conversions is your best bet for professional loft conversions in Hove

It doesn’t matter how challenging, we do whatever is needed to get a job done properly. It’s our business to make sure your dream for your home is realised by the end of the lease conversion project. We won’t waste your time before completing the project, we’ll deliver a friendly and reliable service, as well as perfect finishing from the first detail to the last.

About Hove, East Sussex

  • Hove is a neighbour to Brighton and a major town in the East Sussex area of South East England. Hove is situated on the South East Coast of England, on the English Channel. Hove is together with Brighton and Hove part of the City of Brighton and Hove. Hove and Brighton form a single conurbation.
  • The postcodes of settlements within the town of Hove are BN3. The dialing code of Hove is 01273. The South East Coast, East Sussex town is bordered to the East by Brighton and to the West by Shoreham-by-Sea. There were several areas within the Hove town area including Brunswick in the East on the Coast, Aldrington just North of the main city area, Portslade-by-Sea in the West and Hangleton and West Blatchington to the North.
  • There are several parks and open spaces in the Hove town area including Hove Park towards the North East and Aldrington Recreation Ground in the South West of the town. The A270 and the A2023 intersect towards the middle of the Hove town area, traveling off East West and North South respectively.
  • There are several parks and open spaces in the Hove town area including Hove Park towards the North East and Aldrington Recreation Ground in the South West of the town. The A270 and the A2023 intersect towards the middle of the Hove town area, traveling off East West and North South respectively.
  • Hove is the location of a number of schools and further education establishments including Hove Park School and Sixth Form Centre between West Blatchington and Aldrington and Blatchington Middle School. Hove is one of the more populated towns of East Sussex, England.

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