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Loft Conversions in Withdean

Have your loft conversion done by experts in Withdean

Anyone would like a bigger house to accommodate their ever-growing family. You can extend your house instead of making the huge financial commitment of buying a new house.

Are you thinking an extension might be a problem because you don’t have enough garden space or aren’t looking forward to destroying your gorgeous garden? Not to worry, you have the option of extending your house upwards rather than on the ground. Clifton Hill & Montpelier Loft Conversions are a loft conversion company in Brighton, catering to homeowners in and around Withdean. When you work with us, you can achieve your dream of living in a bigger, more valuable home in no time at all. We use a tailored loft conversion process to ensure that your newly added space is exactly as you dreamed it to be.

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Benefits of converting your loft

There are many reasons why homeowners in Withdean choose to get loft conversions. The foremost reason for most people is to increase the amount of space available for the family’s use. You can never have too much living space, so you could decide to convert the loft into a hobby or game room. A home office is a viable option if you work from home as many people now do.

Loft conversions improve the value of the home, so a lot of people are doing them for this reason. The benefits of loft conversions far outweigh those of other methods of increasing the space in a house.

You wouldn’t need to wait too long for a loft conversion project to be completed, unlike other home extension methods which may also require garden space. It’s a better way to save money than moving into a new house. As a plus, you’ll get to keep your beautiful garden and you wouldn’t even have to worry about planning permission. You can trust us to deliver a loft conversion that’s as perfect as you have envisioned it in your mind, from start to finish. We at Clifton Hill & Montpelier Loft Conversions have been operating in and around Withdean, working with homeowners to design the spaces of their dreams.

You can count on us to do the same with your home.

How much value does a loft conversion add to a home in Withdean? It’s been proven by numerous studies that a house will be deemed more valuable if a loft conversion has been done. One such study by the Nationwide Building Society proves that homes increase in value by 20% with a loft conversion.

For a property valued at £200,000, that would mean its value could go up to £240,000. If you don’t mind the trouble and cost, a loft conversion may be the best way to add value to your home while enjoying the extra space until you’re ready to sell.

Is a loft conversion really a good idea?

Yes. Loft conversions are definitely beneficial, regardless of why you want them – nursery, bedroom and bathroom, or something else. We work fast, so it wouldn’t be a long wait before your new space is ready. Despite the messy loft conversion process, you’ll be happy you went through with it.

World my loft conversion project be subject to Building Regulations approval in Withdean? Not every loft conversion project in Withdean will require Building Regulations approval, but some will if the nature of the work demands it.

Your home will be subject to certain guidelines if there’s more than one floor. Building regulations pertaining to loft conversions are required to ensure that stairs are safely designed to the next floor and safe fire escape is made possible. They also guide important concerns such as the stability of the overall structure and roof, the strength of the new floor and the sound insulation of the loft conversion.

Not each and every one of the Building Regulations will apply to every job as the extent of work differs. Regulations tend to apply when extensive work is carried out, such as installing a stair to the loft, lining the wall or boarding it out. Not only do Clifton Hill & Montpelier Loft Conversions know the guidelines that apply to loft conversions in Withdean, but we understand them deeply. If there’s any need to obtain approval for the work, we’ll get it done. How much do loft conversions go for in Withdean? Starting from £20,000, there’s a wide range of prices you could pay for loft conversions. Factors such as the location, number of dormers and the size of the extension are key determinants of the final cost. Homeowners in Withdean don’t have to pay as much as many other parts of the UK, so location shouldn’t be too much of a bother. Plus, Clifton Hill & Montpelier Loft Conversions offer fantastic prices for loft conversions.

Are there different kinds of loft conversions available in Withdean?

There are indeed different kinds of loft conversions available, but the best one for you will be determined by a number of factors. One of the most important considerations is your budget. The next point to consider is how much room is available for a loft conversion and the kind of roof your building has. Yet another important consideration is how to get planning permission if indeed you need it.

Some types of loft conversions available include:

Rooflight conversion; our team will have roof lights added to the front and back to create your new space using the existing capacity you have and no more. We can also add windows so the gable walls if you like. Given the minimal alterations to be made, you won’t have to spend too much. Dormer conversion; here, we’ll be adding dormer windows into the pitched roof plane in order to increase the amount of space available to you at the front, sides or back.

It doesn’t have to be a large extension, so we may end up fitting no more than two windows, depending on what the room will be used for. On the other hand, if you need something bigger, we can build a room with full headroom spanning the entire width of the roof. Hip-to-gable conversion; a ‘hipped’ roof is one that slopes down to the eaves on all sides. To create more usable space within a roof like this, we’ll opt for taking down one or more hips and replacing it with a gable wall.

That’s not the end of it as we’ll extend the roof over the gables to create the needed space. Gable-to-gable conversion; this method involves building the gable wall and rebuilding the roof at the back to raise the pitch and make it nearly vertical up to the height of the ceiling. The result is a wall with windows. This loft conversion method is ideal for terrace houses. It’s likely to result in a large enough area where there’s sufficient headroom. Mansard conversion; this type of loft conversion involves removing your roof entirely and replacing it with a new structure resembling a box. This essentially adds another storey with four tile-hung walls that are almost vertical. To crown your new structure, we’ll fix a nearly flat roof. Are there any kinds of houses where a loft conversion wouldn’t be practical? Most buildings wouldn’t have any problems with a loft conversion.

That being said, buildings with a certain kind of roof pitch and shape can be problematic for loft conversion. We can schedule an appointment to come see your house in order to determine whether we can carry out a loft conversion. We’ll need to establish that the usable load bearing walls available are sufficient to provide solid support for the new structure. With a gable end wall present, it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge to carry out a loft conversion. However, it’ll be a different story if you have an intersecting pitched roof, a hipped roof or a trussed rafter roof as those are more complex to work with. Even if you have a complex roof, you can trust us to do a good job on your loft conversion as we have worked on many different types of rooves across Withdean.

What makes Clifton Hill & Montpelier Loft Conversions the company to choose in Withdean?

At Clifton Hill & Montpelier Loft Conversions , we spare no expense in making sure we do the job right. Your vision for your loft conversion sees us through to the end of the job. From day one to the last day of the project, you can expect us to deliver a perfect finish, fantastic service and a job completed in good time.

About Withdean, Brighton, East Sussex

  • Withdean was formerly a village in its own right, but now has become an area of Brighton and Hove City, East Sussex. Historically, the area was known as Wictedene. Withdean is part of the Brighton, Pavilion constituency within South East England. The postcode area for Withdean is BN1. The dialling code is 01273.
  • Withdean has around 15,000 inhabitants many of whom use the A23 into Brighton on a daily basis. Withdean benefits from several open areas including Withdean Woods and Withdean Park.
  • The A27 and A23 are to the north of Withdean giving this part of Brighton and Hove access to the rest of the East Sussex and beyond. Withdean is bordered to the east by Hollingdean. To the south of Withdean is Preston, and further south Brighton and Hove. To the southwest of Withdean is West Blatchington and further afield Portslade-by-Sea. To the north of Withdean is Westdene.
  • Withdean is very close to the South Downs National Park. Withdean, East Sussex is on the South East coast of England, United Kingdom a short distance from Brighton and Hove centres. The English Channel is just a few miles away from Withdean.

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