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Loft Conversions in Preston

Have your loft conversion done by experts in Preston

Bigger spaces become necessary the more members are added to your family. Don’t fret about having to buy a new house because you can simply add an extension to your existing home to create more space.

You wouldn’t have to worry about having enough garden space or having to let go of your beautiful garden either. Then the best choice would be to extend your house upwards. Operating from Brighton, Clifton Hill & Montpelier Loft Conversions work in the Preston area, helping homeowners add much-needed space to their homes. When you work with us, you can achieve your dream of living in a bigger, more valuable home in no time at all. Every client is different, so every new project we embark on is a unique one completed using our tailored loft conversion process.

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Why get a loft conversion?

Whether you’re in Preston or any of the surrounding areas, there are many reasons why you might want to convert your loft. The foremost reason for most people is to increase the amount of space available for the family’s use. Loft conversions are also fantastic for creating game or hobby rooms for the family to enjoy. Many people are choosing to do loft conversions so they can have a home office of their own, far from the distractions of working from the lower floors.

You can also make your house a better investment by adding a loft conversion to improve its value. Loft conversion is easily the most beneficial of all the means of improving the amount of usable space in a home.

Not requiring garden space and the short amount of time needed for the completion of a loft conversion make it more desirable than other home extension methods. It doesn’t cost that much compared to getting a new house. Even better, your garden will remain intact and you may not need to verify with the authorities before you can begin work. Whatever vision you have for your new room, you can trust our experienced team to make your dreams come true. At Clifton Hill & Montpelier Loft Conversions, we have worked with many homeowners in Preston to help them realise their dreams of having more spacious homes.

You can count on us to do the same with your home.

How much value does a loft conversion add to a home in Preston? Studies prove that carrying out a loft conversion can improve the value of a house on the market. Even a study conducted by the Nationwide Building Society shows that you can add as much as 20% to the value of your home with a loft conversion.

For a house valued at £300,000, that’s an improvement of about £60,000. Once the wariness from the financial burden and hassle of doing a loft conversion passes, you’ll be happy you did it because you’ll have much needed extra space as well as a property with improved value.

Are loft conversions really that beneficial?

Definitely. Whether you want a new bedroom and bathroom or need space for a nursery, getting a loft conversion is definitely worth it. Before long, you’ll have your dream house as you imagined it to be. We must warn you that it will be messy as we work, but you’ll have no reason to regret it.

Is loft conversion in Preston a project that requires Building Regulations approval? Loft conversion projects in Preston may be subject to a Building Regulations approval, depending on the nature of work to be done.

Your home will be subject to certain guidelines if there’s more than one floor. Certain kinds of loft conversions are subject to these guidelines to ensure the safety of the building’s fire escape system or the staircase leading to the next floor. Also of concern are sound insulation, the structural strength of the new floor and the stability of the structure and its roof.

The extent of the work can determine which Building Regulations apply. Extensive activities such as installing stairs, boarding out the loft or lining the wall are likely to have the regulations apply. Having worked on loft conversions in Preston, you can trust us at Clifton Hill & Montpelier Loft Conversions to work according to the guidelines that apply here. You can trust us to ensure that you get any approvals necessary to complete work on your property. How much does a loft conversion cost in Preston? A loft conversion can cost anywhere from £20,000 to twice or three times that. What you eventually pay will be determined by factors such as your location, the size of the extension and the number of dormers. Homeowners in Preston don’t have to pay as much as many other parts of the UK, so location shouldn’t be too much of a bother. Even better, we won’t rip you off by quoting exorbitant prices.

What are the types of loft conversions available in Preston?

The type of loft conversion used for your project will be determined by a number of different factors. One of the most important considerations is your budget. We also have to think about how suitable your home is for a loft conversion, including factors such as your roof type and the amount of room available. Yet another important consideration is how to get planning permission if indeed you need it.

Some types of loft conversions are as follows:

Rooflight conversion; this type of conversion involves converting the existing roof space without increasing the volume beyond simply adding roof lights to the front and back. You also have the option of having windows added to the gable walls. This is the least expensive loft conversion type available to you since there isn’t much to be altered. Dormer conversion; this type of conversion gives you more volume in the back, sides or front since we’ll be adding dormer windows into the pitched roof plane.

We may not need to fit more than two windows if only a small extension is needed for what you have in mind. We can also utilise the full width of the roof to create a large enough space with full headroom. Hip-to-gable conversion; this type of loft conversion applies to ‘hipped’ rooves, which slope downwards on all four sides. To create more usable space within a roof like this, we’ll opt for taking down one or more hips and replacing it with a gable wall.

To complete the job, we’ll extend the roof over the gables to ensure enough space is created. Gable-to-gable conversion; this method involves building the gable wall and rebuilding the roof at the back to raise the pitch and make it nearly vertical up to the height of the ceiling. This will result in a wall with windows. We’re likely to use this type of loft conversion if yours is a terrace house. The resulting space can be a large one with full headroom. Mansard conversion; this type of loft conversion involves removing your roof entirely and replacing it with a new structure resembling a box. The result is an extra storey with four nearly vertical tile-hung walls. The roof we place on top of that will then be nearly flat. Is it possible to do a loft conversion for every kind of building? In most cases, a loft conversion can be done.

But, in other cases, a loft conversion may not be possible due to the shape and pitch of the existing roof. We can have a look at your roof to help us decide whether we can complete a loft conversion, so please set up an appointment with us today. We’ll need to establish that the usable load bearing walls available are sufficient to provide solid support for the new structure. It will be easy to carry out a loft conversion if your roof has a gable end wall. For a hipped roof, an intersecting pitched roof, or a trussed rafter roof on an older home, however, it could be a problem. Having worked on different kinds of rooves across Preston, we can guarantee that we’ll be able to handle your loft conversion even if you have a complicated roof to work with.


What makes Clifton Hill & Montpelier Loft Conversions the company to choose in Preston?

For us at Clifton Hill & Montpelier Loft Conversions, we go the extra mile to ensure we do a fine job. Your vision for your loft conversion sees us through to the end of the job. From day one to the last day of the project, you can expect us to deliver a perfect finish, fantastic service and a job completed in good time.

About Preston Village, Brighton, East Sussex

  • Preston Village, Brighton is a suburb of the larger Brighton and Hove City, within East Sussex, England on the South East coast. The postcode district for Preston Village, Brighton is BN1. Preston Village was formerly a village before it became part of the area of Brighton. The Brighton suburb of Preston Village is to the outside of the centre of Brighton, and upwards of Hove.
  • The A23 passes through Preston Village, Brighton from North to South, providing excellent access to the rest of East Sussex and beyond. There is a large open space within Preston Village, Brighton called Preston Park. St. Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School is in the Western Park area of Brighton.
  • Preston Park is bordered by Withdean above, to the East by Hollingdean, to the South East by Round Hill, to the West by West Blatchington and to the South by the Main Brighton and Hove City area. Due to its history as a village, Preston Park is sometimes known as Preston Village, Brighton, England.

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