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Smart, Space-Saving Solutions for Your Brighton Home: Loft Conversion, Storage Unit, and Many More

Smart, Space-Saving Solutions for Your Brighton Home: Loft Conversion, Storage Unit, and Many More

Even though Brighton is one of the go-to cities for Londoners who want to be homeowners, real estate in the area is still expensive. The average cost of a home in the area stands at £404,000–that’s £130,000 more expensive than the national average. This forces locals to do one of two things, they either rent a place and split it amongst family/ friends or purchase a smaller property. 

Regardless of their choice, they all have one thing in common—they have to settle for less space. 

If you want to enjoy everything Brighton has to offer—which is, but not limited to:

  1. Seaside views
  2. Vibrant nightlife
  3. Rich cultural centers
  4. Close proximity to London (1 hour via train)

You have to start looking into space-saving solutions. 

Here are 4 things you can try:

Loft Conversion

The biggest challenge of having a not-so spacious home is having limited floor space. There is only so much furniture and stuff you can keep until you start knocking things over by just passing through. So what do you do? You start looking at vertical space. 

Vertical space accounts for a lot. Think about having a hundred books in a room. A hundred books stacked on the floor can make the area more difficult to navigate. But when you put them on vertical shelves, it clears up the floor area, and makes it easier for you to move. It still takes up the same amount of space—but not in a way that negatively affects your life. 

One solution that utilises vertical space well is a loft conversion. By creating another level, you essentially “free up” floor space. There are several uses for these lofts. Some treat them like you would a separate bedroom. It could be a sleeping area, reading nook, or study spot. While others treat it like they would an attic or basement and store off-season items, sporting equipment and memorabilia. 

The ceiling height might be low, but the possibilities are endless. 

Self-Storage Unit

Converting attics and basements into separate rooms is another popular choice. By doing this, you can create something you’d actively use like a home office, gym, or a bedroom for your growing family. This change means getting more out of your property, but it also reduces your storage. 

So what do you do? You rent a storage unit in Brighton. Most of the clutter you find in your attic and basement are things you need, but they are rarely urgent. I mean how urgent can Christmas decorations be in the middle of spring? There are dozens of things that have seasonal use. 

Instead of letting them take up precious floor space, a self storage unit would make more sense. It could be close enough for you to drive by whenever you want, so you can pick up the items you need. But kept off the property, you can use your home for more important things. 

Furniture With Built-In Storage

Moving your non-essential items off to your unit is a start, but there is still a lot you can do. One of them is by using furniture with built-in storage. Ottomans, couches, and even your bed can double as storage. You can keep extra books, clothes, linen, and miscellaneous items there while they are not being used. 

These types of furniture help you stick to the storage solutions you already have in your home like the small broom closet or the cabinets in your kitchen. And avoid reckless purchases under the guise of “organisation.”

Indoor-Outdoor Living

If you are one of the few blessed with yard space, it is high-time you use it. The yard isn’t just a place for you to get in touch with nature during the few warm days in Brighton. It can be an opportunity to introduce indoor-outdoor living. 

You could build a stone patio with a fire pit and make the outdoors more inviting. By doing this, you get to move out a lot of activities like working out or throwing parties. Any items needed for these activities can be kept in a trunk outside or the shed. 

Brighton has a lot to offer, but just because the city is great doesn’t mean you have to compromise with a less-than-ideal living situation. Screw that! You deserve to be able to have a night on the town and still come home to a place that is just as enjoyable. Leave the shoebox apartments to London, enjoy a beautiful, warm, and spacious Brighton home. 

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